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As many of you know, we are a little obsessed with Ethiopian Opals here at Biographie. What you may not know is that there are different types of Ethiopian Opal, and one in particular that we search high and low to find for our jewelry designs; the Honeycomb Opal.

What is Honeycomb Opal?

The most rare and collectible of Ethiopian Opal types, honeycomb Opal is the name given to Opals displaying a natural honeycomb pattern, with individual cells displaying intense color flashes in every color of the rainbow.

Often, honeycomb Opals are found in Opals with a tan base color. These gems tend to have very intense colors and a more dramatic look.

Crystal based honeycomb Opals can also be found, and with their clear base tone the color flashes resemble a rainbow. Crystal based honeycomb Opals tend to be the most rare and valuable type of honeycomb Opal and are a real find when set into jewelry.

Recently, with advances in color enhancement of Ethiopian Opals, black honeycomb Opals have come onto the market. We have started sourcing black honeycomb Opals and experimenting with them in our Opal jewelry designs... new designs are coming soon!

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