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Our Story

Your scent preferences are a reflection of your life story and how it has evolved. A scent can transport us back to a fond childhood memory, provide an important reminder of your personal story, or, perhaps inspiration for your next chapter. We all have that one go-to scented candle that we're personally drawn to, and here at Biographie we hope to help you find yours!

Our goal at Biographie is to bring an exclusive collection of heavily scented candles to those who want relaxed, understated, affordable luxury. We aim to challenge preconceptions about luxury candles, with candles that are handmade from vegan and clean-burning materials.

Here at Biographie our focus is on one thing... making the highest possible quality of candles. For us that means a clean burning candle with an excellent hot throw, that burns well. 

Our products have been featured in Vogue, Tatler, GQ, The Times, Marie Claire, and many more publications. 

We are a small, family-owned company. Originally established in England in 2007, we are now based in Southern California. All of our products are handmade in the US.