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Opal Earrings

April 16, 2018 2 min read

Women's Opal Earrings

Our exclusive Opal earrings collection features a range of styles from simple Opal drop earrings to large Opal slices and Opals paired with other gems to create unique women's Opal earring designs. Most of our Opal earrings are one of a kind designs.

We hand make every single pair of Opal earrings in our collection in our Southern California jewelry design studio using solid genuine Opals, solid gold, gold vermeil and sterling silver.

Our collection of Opal earrings features Ethiopian Opal, Australian Opal, Andean or Peruvian Blue Opal, Boulder Opal, Crystal Opal, Black Opal and white Opal.

If you’ve always wanted a piece of jewelry with genuine Opals, a pair of Opal earrings can be the most cost-effective way of owning high quality Opal jewelry. As Opal earrings typically feature a smaller number of Opals than other types of Opal jewelry, the cost is often significantly more affordable.

Purchasing a pair of Opal earrings can also enable you to own Opals of the absolute finest quality when a full necklace would be prohibitively expensive.

Buying Opal Earrings Online

Due to their natural color and color flash variances, Opals are one of the most difficult gems to match into earring pairs and here at Biographie we search through thousands of Opals to match pairs for our Opal earrings. It typically requires us to search through around one thousand similar loose Opals to find a pair that is well matched in terms of size, shape, color and color flashes.

All of our Opal earrings are handmade with solid genuine Opals. Due to the difficulty in finding matched pairs for earrings, many Opal earring designers use lower quality Opal doublets and triplets, with a single Opal cut into thin pieces and bonded with another gem to create a matched pair.

Opal earrings are often made with lab-created artificial Opal. You can spot this fake Opal at a glance if you know your Opal types as, although it can be pretty, it looks very different to genuine solid Opal. Artificial Opal often appears to have uniform stripes in columns, and often has a bright turquoise or purple color that isn't found in natural Opals. Here at Biographie, we don't sell artificial Opal and only make our women's Opal earrings with the finest quality natural earth mined Opals.

As with all Opal jewelry, Opal earrings are extremely hard to photograph. The amazing color flashes of high quality Opal can’t possibly be captured in a static photograph and our photo’s never do the Opal justice. Many jewelers selling Opal earrings photograph them against black backgrounds in artificial lighting in order to emphasize the color flashes of the gem. We photograph all of our Opals outside in the Southern California sunshine and never use photography or editing tricks to alter the images. We aim to have our customers be pleasantly surprised by the additional color in their Opals when they see them in person.

Shop our exclusive collection of Opal earrings handmade with high quality genuine Opals.

Biographie offers one of the largest selections of genuine Opal jewelry online, with each unique piece being handcrafted in solid gold, sterling silver or gold vermeil.

Women's Ethiopian Opal Earrings at Biographie