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Private Label Candles 15oz

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We ship to the US only.

All orders are custom made. If you need your order quickly, please contact us.

All orders ship from Irvine, California.

Depending on your location, we may add an ice pack when shipping your order. If you'd like us to add an ice pack when we ship your order, please let us know in the comment box during checkout.

Please make sure that your order isn't sitting outside in very hot weather for an extended period of time as this may cause the candle to start melting.

During particularly hot weather, we may delay shipping your order so that it ships Mon to Wed This avoids weekend shipping delays that may cause the package to be exposed to heat for longer durations by the shipping company. If you prefer that we ship immediately, please let us know.

Local pick up is available in Irvine CA by request.


Clean Cotton – Odor Eliminator:Fresh Laundry | Ozone | Lemon

Vanilla Bean:Vanilla Bean | Hint Of Bourbon

Vintage Rose:Rose Petals | Ylang Ylang | Orchid

Sea Salt & Orchid:Sea Salt | Ozone | Orchid | Freesia | Musk

Charleston:Peach | Rose | Peony | Vanilla Bean

Nocturne:Baltic Amber | Rosewood | Vetiver | Citrus Zest

Magnolia:Magnolia | Peony | Rose | Amber | Musk

Chocolate Orange:Melted Milk Chocolate | Sweet Orange

Riviera:Blood Orange | Lemon | Grapefruit | Lime

Patisserie:Freshly Baked Pastries | Vanilla Custard | Cinnamon

Cranberry Orange Spice:Orange Peel | Cranberry | Cinnamon | Spices

Sanctuary:Baltic Amber | Musk | Pear | Apple | Moss

Serenity:Lavender | Cedarwood | Baltic Amber | Cypress

Amalfi Coast:Blood Orange | Lemon | Grapefruit | Vanilla Bean

Old Hollywood:Rose Petals | Musk | Oud | Cedarwood

11:11:Georgia Peach | Ylang Ylang | Vanilla Bean | Melon | Freesia

Cabaret Voltaire:Black Plum | Dark Rum | Vanilla | Spices | Black Cherry

The Gardener:Tomato Leaf | Basil | Herbs | Potting Soil

Savannah:Georgia Peach | Champagne | Strawberry

Once Upon a Time:Champagne | Strawberry | Tangerine | Nectarine

Summer Solstice:Wild Rose | Summer Berries | Rose Hips | Fresh Greens

Brambles:Mixed Berries | Vanilla Bean

Noir:Amber | Jasmine | Plum | Citrus

Nectar:Peach | Mango | Papaya | Champagne

The Alchemist:Sandalwood | Cardamom | Santal | Gold

Forest:Petrichor | Ozone | Earth | Moss

Roasted Chestnut:Roasted Chestnut | Toasted Almonds | Hazelnut

Melted Chocolate:Melted Milk Chocolate

Apple Strudel:Baked Apples | Rum | Vanilla | Cinnamon | Pastry

Eggnog:Rum | Amaretto | Vanilla Bean | Spices

The Book Was Better:Teakwood | Leather | Sandalwood | Musk

Evergreen:Fraser Fir | Cypress | Lemon | Amber | Moss

Pumpkin Spice:Roasted Pumpkin | Nutmeg | Cinnamon | Vanilla Bean

Autumn:Baked Apples| Cinnamon | Bourbon | Maple Syrup

Fresh Start:Eucalyptus | Spearmint | Lemon | Verbena


If you'd like to purchase our candles to sell under your own brand name, or for an event, you can do so here. We have a low minimum order of 12 candles per scent. Simply select the fragrance and wick type you'd like then add your own labels* upon delivery!

These candles are 15oz and come with a copper/bronze lid. Other options are available by request.

Sold per box of 12 per scent.

Hand poured using coconut-apricot creme wax, and phthalate-free fragrance oils with a 12% fragrance load (highly scented).

Local pickup is available in Irvine CA. Shipping available to US only.

*Please note that all candles are shipped with our safety label for legal compliance purposes, however you can switch this label for your own upon delivery.

Pricing varies per scent due to the cost of each fragrance oil.

All bulk candle orders are made to order and are subject to availability.

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