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Custom Candles

Are you looking for a specific candle scent that isn't available anywhere?

Do you have a favorite candle that has been discontinued?

We are able to custom make scented candles in almost any scent by special order. Whether you're looking for a scented candle with a unique scent such as Jet Fuel, Bacon, or Dirt, or you'd like to recreate your favorite fragrance in a scented candle, we can help.

From a single candle, through to a custom bulk order for an event or wedding, we can help!

Contact us for pricing* and minimum order quantities.

*Pricing varies based on the availability of the fragrance oil. Many unique scents are readily available and candle prices for these may not vary much from our regular retail pricing. If we need to custom create a fragrance in partnership with you, with scent revisions that you will direct, this is more involved process and would require a larger minimum order.