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Why Do Some Candles Smell Stronger Than Others?

September 05, 2022 3 min read

If you're anything like us, any time you see scented candles for sale you'll pick them up and smell them! Well, no doubt you've noticed by now that some scented candles have a much stronger scent than others. So, why do some scented  candles have a stronger scent than others?

Why Are Some Candles Stronger Than Others?

The strength of the scent in a scented candle comes down to several factors:

The type of wax used, the fragrance oil used, the amount of fragrance oil used, the temperature that the candle was poured at, the size of the candle vessel, and even the wick used in the candle. Getting all of these things right is an art, and every candle made needs to be thoroughly tested in order to ensure that all components are optimal. 

The candle wick used needs to generate a melt pool that reaches the sides of the vessel without burning too strongly and quickly burning down the candle.

Usually, most scented candle brands use around 6-8% fragrance in their scented  candles. Much more fragrance can safely be used in scented candles, however, fragrance oils are very expensive and are often the first thing to be sacrificed by most scented candle companies as they try to cut costs.

The size of the candle vessel also plays an important role. The wider the vessel, the larger the melt pool will be and the stronger the scent throw will be. Wider candle vessels tend to be shorter in height, so the benefits of the additional scent throw have to be balanced against the burn time of the candle.

The quality of the wax is also an important factor in the strength of the candle's fragrance. Some candle waxes tend to bind much better to fragrance oils than others, and some can alter the fragrance due to the chemicals in the wax and how they smell when the candle is burning.

The quality of the fragrance oil makes a significant difference in the quality of the candle fragrance, however, it's a common misconception to think that essential oils are the best choice of fragrance oils for candles. In fact, essential oils tend not to work very well at all in scented candles, and are only really useful as minor ingredients in fragrance oils.

The ingredients of the candle fragrance oil can also affect not only the quality of the scent throw, but also whether the candle has a natural scent or an artificial 'chemical' scent undertone. Most mass produced scented candles will have this chemical scent, while those candles made with clean-burning wax and fragrance oils will not.

Both the ingredients in the wax and the fragrance oil determine how safe the candle is to inhale as it burns, for both humans and pets. Ideally, you want to burn only clean-burning scented candles so that you and your pets aren't inhaling dangerous chemicals.

What's The Strongest Scented Candle Available?

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