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One Of A Kind Designer Jewelry

December 11, 2017 3 min read

Whether you're a new customer of Biographie, or, someone who's been wearing our jewelry for years, you'll have noticed that the majority of our designs are one of a kind pieces.

Here at Biographie, we believe that every person is unique, just as every person’s life story and energy is different and that this should be reflected in the jewelry we wear.

How many times have you seen those around you wearing the same, or very similar, pieces of jewelry? If they are wearing mass-produced jewelry then its likely that this has happened often.

How many times have you purchased or received a gift of a piece of jewelry, only to find that friends ask where to buy it themselves, or, worse, turn up wearing something identical the next time you see them?

Aside from the fashion faux pas of wearing the same jewelry as someone else around you, mass produced jewelry generally does not represent the wearer’s personality, life, or energy.

Most designer jewelry brands sell mass produced jewelry. Even the fine jewelry you purchase from your favorite jeweler or department store is likely to have been produced in a run of hundreds if not thousands of pieces.

When you purchase a piece of one of a kind jewelry you are guaranteed to own something special that nobody else will be able to copy exactly. You won’t be faced with the prospect of wearing the same piece as anybody else, or of having others copying your style. When people ask you where you purchased your jewelry, you can tell them safe in the knowledge that they can’t buy the same piece.

When you select a piece of fine designer jewelry in a one of a kind design, you are able to choose a piece that truly reflects you. Perhaps that means a simple and understated piece in a gem that has personal meaning to you, or perhaps it means a bold statement piece in a gem with healing properties to aid you in your life journey. Whatever personal jewelry means to you, a piece of one of a kind jewelry enables you to achieve a reflection of your personal style or energy that is truly unique.

When designing our one of a kind pieces, we search for gems from suppliers all over the world. We have developed an extensive list of suppliers over the years and know who to call to find that special gem, perfect enough for a one off design.

Many of the gems we use in our one of a kind jewelry designs are from privately held collections that have never been offered for sale publicly. In most cases, these gems come directly from the private collections of the miners who mined them. Through our direct relationships with these miners, rather than middlemen, we are able to get access to these gems and source them for our designs, while also ensuring fair prices are paid directly to the miner.

Often we source these rare gems and hold onto them for anywhere between several weeks and several years until we design the perfect piece of designer jewelry for the gem to be incorporated into. This organic approach enables us to design jewelry around the gems, properly showcasing them. We rarely design a piece of one of a kind jewelry and then source gems for that design. This sets us apart from other jewelry designers who take the opposite approach, designing one of a kind pieces of jewelry and then sourcing gems to fit into the design.

Because we design and handcraft every one of a kind jewelry piece ‘in-house’, we are able to create bespoke designs just for you if you don’t find a one-off jewelry design that you love in our exclusive collection. If you’d like to have a bespoke design made for you simply reach out to us.

While the majority of our jewelry designs are one of a kind pieces, we also have a selection of exclusive strictly limited edition designs. Our limited edition jewelry designs are handcrafted in small runs of between three and twenty-five pieces. In most cases, due to the natural variations within the gems used, each limited edition design will often be slightly different than others in the design run, despite being created from the same design.