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Can You Refill Candles?

September 10, 2022 1 min read

With a shift in the candle market towards more eco-friendly packaging and materials, it makes sense to also want to refill candle vessels when they are finished instead of discarding them. So, why isn't this commonly done?

Can Candles Be Refilled?

Candle vessels are designed for single use and it would not be possible to guarantee glass or vessel safety after repeated use. Burning a candle puts the candle vessel under a large amount of heat stress, and so repeatedly subjecting the same vessel to heat stress may cause it to crack or become at risk of shattering. 

With this in mind we do not recommend trying to refill your candle, and instead we encourage you to upcycle the vessel. Some suggested upcycling uses are: drinking glasses, pen holders, storage jars, loose change holders, jewelry storage.

Here at Biographie we offer the option of a 100% recycled glass candle vessel, which can then be recycled or upcycled.