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Opal Bracelets

April 25, 2018 3 min read

Contemporary Opal Bracelets

If you’re shopping online for a genuine Opal bracelet, you’ve probably noticed that most Opal bracelets are made with cabochon cut Opals (flat backed, domed shape) set into a silver bezel setting, and that the vast majority of Opal bracelets look the same.

While this traditional style of Opal bracelet may appeal to some, here at Biographie, we love creating unique Opal bracelets and our focus is on designing contemporary style bracelets handmade with real Opals.

The Opals we use in our Opal bracelet designs are almost always cut into beads. While its relatively easy to find low or medium quality Opal in bead form, it remains extremely difficult to source very high quality Opal beads. This is due to the amount of waste created when an Opal (or any gem) is drilled and cut into a bead. The waste significantly reduces the carat weight of the Opal, and therefore its value is also negatively affected.

Opal Bead Bracelets

When we purchase our Opal beads, we do so in person and hand select the finest quality Opal beads from thousands of strands and individual gems. Often, we purchase an entire strand just to acquire a single bead with a unique pattern such as a honeycomb Opal bead. The rest of the strand is then resold to other jewelry designers if it is not up to our standards. We have spent years building relationships with Opal miners and suppliers worldwide and these contacts enable us to have first refusal on the absolute finest Opals they are offering for sale.

Our beaded Opal bracelet designs are often one of a kind designs, featuring a single large focal gem with a rare pattern. When the Opal bracelet features many Opals, we ensure that the Opals are a matched set, hand selected for quality, color flashes, and of course value. Due to the unique nature of each Opal, no two Opal bracelets are exactly alike, even when created in the same design.

Genuine Opal Bracelets

While we usually make women’s Opal bracelets with genuine Ethiopian Opal, we also use Australian Opal, Peruvian blue Opal, black Opal, fire Opal and boulder Opal. Each of these Opal varieties is paired with solid gold or sterling silver accents and clasps for a modern look.

Often, jewelers selling Opal bracelets online will sell artificial Opal and describe it as real Opal. To a trained eye, there is a marked difference between created Opal and genuine Opal, however, many customers aren't used to seeing Opals every day and end up purchasing fake Opal believing it to be real Opal. Here at Biographie, we only sell genuine, earth mined Opal bracelets.

Where To Buy Opal Bracelets Online

When shopping online for an Opal bracelet, be sure to check that the jeweler isn't using photography techniques to exaggerate the color flashes of the Opal. One of the easy ways to tell if this is being done is to look at the background used for the photographs; black backgrounds are often used to enhance Opal color flashes and present the Opals in a way that shows them with more color than you would see when wearing the Opal bracelet. Flash photography also brings out the color flashes in a highlighted way, so beware of sellers showing Opals under unnatural flash photography lighting. Here at Biographie, we photograph all of our jewelry, including our Opal jewelry, outside in natural Southern California sunshine.

We can custom make an Opal bead bracelet design for you in almost any type of Opal and precious metal and we almost always have an enormous amount of loose Opals in stock, waiting to be made into custom jewelry. If you don’t see an Opal bracelet that you love on our site, simply reach out and ask if we can make it for you!

Browse our exclusive collection of handmade women's Opal bracelets.

14k Gold Ethiopian Opal Bracelet

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