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Why Buy One-Of-A-Kind Designer Jewelry?

Each time that you purchase a piece of jewelry, the intention is rarely to wear it just once. Unless you are happy to make repeat purchases of everyday fashion jewelry that you know won't last beyond a few wears, its in your best interests to invest in a piece of high quality designer jewelry that will last for many years.

Designer jewelry is usually handcrafted with finer quality materials; precious and semi-precious gems, gold, silver, and platinum. As such, designer jewelry falls into a price range between high jewelry and fashion jewelry, making it a slightly more considered purchase.

We could tell you all about the benefits of buying designer jewelry, such as how designer jewelry tends to be much higher quality and be handmade with greater attention to detail, but let's be honest, there's a more important social reason to buy one of a kind jewelry.

When investing in a piece of high quality designer jewelry, it makes sense to invest in a one of a kind design. Imagine running into someone at a party who's wearing the exact same piece of jewelry as you... its almost as much of a faux pas as wearing the same little black dress! Certainly not the attention you hoped to receive for your new jewelry purchase.

Oftentimes, the best dressed women are shamelessly copied by others in their circle, who rush out to purchase the same piece, while claiming that they already owned such a piece all along! We all have that 'friend'.

Instead, when contemplating a designer jewelry purchase, consider whether the design is truly one of a kind and whether the designer can provide a guarantee of such, enabling you to wear your jewelry in confidence (and satisfaction) knowing that no matter how adamantly she asserts her ownership of the same piece of jewelry, little miss copycat will never have your jewelry ;)