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Opals - What is a doublet?

If you're shopping online for a piece of designer Opal jewelry, you will no doubt have heard the terms 'doublet' and 'triplet'. So what do these terms mean?

An Opal doublet is a composite gem, created by taking a thin slice of precious Opal and fusing it to a piece of common Opal such as Boulder Opal without color. This creates a larger gem, of a size suitable to be set into a piece of Opal jewelry.

An Opal triplet uses the same process, taking an even thinner slice of Opal, bonding it to a piece of Boulder Opal, and in this case bonding a piece of crystal over the top of the Opal. This process creates a larger gem capable of being set into jewelry and the crystal overlay gives a depth to the gem that can be quite attractive.

The process of creating Opal doublets and triplets allows a single high quality precious Opal gem to be transformed into many gems and many pieces of jewelry. It is especially useful in creating matching items such as Opal earrings. 

When buying a piece of Opal jewelry, be sure to know what you are buying. An Opal doublet or triplet does not have the same value as a solid Opal, no matter how pretty the piece of Opal jewelry is.The amount of Opal contained in the jewelry is likely to be just a fraction of the amount contained in a piece of solid Opal jewelry. Sometimes the layer of Opal is so thin that it bends in the palm of your hand!

Here at Biographie, we specialize in solid Opals and jewelry handmade with solid Opals. We handcraft every piece of Opal we sell and we hand select every Opal we use, so when you buy from us you can be assured of the type of Opal used. On the rare occasions that we do sell jewelry with Opal doublets, the fact that it is a doublet is clearly disclosed in the product description. We never sell Opal triplets.

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