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Should You Buy From a Jewelry Store or a Jeweler?

When you consider buying from a jewelry store or a jeweler, you may be asking "What's the difference?". There is in fact an important difference between the two that should be factored into your buying decision.

Jewelry Stores

A jewelry store - including online jewelry stores - will generally resell finished jewelry, sourced from jewelry designers and wholesale suppliers. They don't make the jewelry or have any involvement in the quality of the components and gems used. Although there are many jewelry store owners who have an excellent understanding of gemstones and the jewelry they sell or are jewelers themselves, there are also many jewelry store owners who do not, leading to a vast number of jewelry stores selling artificial gems in the belief that they are genuine; a trained eye can spot these fakes immediately.


A jeweler is a person who actually handcrafts the jewelry they sell, sourcing all components and gems. A jeweler can tell you the origin of each gem, its provenance and whether it is genuine. When you buy from a jeweler or an independent jewelry designer, you are guaranteeing a level of product knowledge that you often won't find when buying from a jewelry store.

Should You Buy From A Jeweler, Jewelry Designer or Jewelry Store?

You can find great jewelry no matter where you shop, however, if buying from a jewelry store be sure to ask plenty of questions. Find out whether the jewelry store owner is in fact a jeweler who understands the gems they are selling, or just someone who loves wearing jewelry and decided to open a store.

Here at Biographie, we are an online jewelry store and we are also jewelers who handcraft every piece of jewelry we sell 'in house', sourcing each gem from trusted suppliers, and in many cases directly from the person who mined the gem.