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Jewelry Gift Finder Service

Did you know that Biographie offers a gift finder service to help you find that perfect piece of jewelry?

If you're looking for a jewelry gift but aren't sure where to start then let us help you! Over the last ten years we have helped hundreds of people to find a jewelry gift, and in many cases to make something particularly personal to them.

How does the jewelry gift finder service work?

We ask you to give us some basic information about the gift recipient, the occasion, and any personal information you'd like us to know. We ask you to look at their jewelry box or take note of whether they wear more silver or gold, and if they have a style preference. 

We then pick out three pieces of jewelry that we feel would be a great fit. One will be at the lower end of the budget, one in the middle, and one toward the top. We will always work with you on the price to make the perfect gift happen and there's no obligation to buy any of the pieces. 

If you need a little extra help then just ask us. We have absolutely loved helping our customers with things such as covertly finding out their girlfriend's ring size, custom making pieces that are significant to their relationship, helping customers to find the right words for the gift card... and even helping out guys who forgot an anniversary or birthday by helping them make up for it.

We can help you find the perfect piece of jewelry, gift wrap it, and even add a hand written card.

We have heard so many wonderful stories from our customers over the years and this is by far the best part of our business. There are many true romantics out there - ourselves included - and we just love being able to help with these special occasions.

Our jewelry gift finder service can be found in our left hand menu, or by clicking here.